Overwhelming empirical evidence supports the effectiveness of mindfulness practices to reduce symptoms related to stress, anxiety, and depression.

You can think of mindfulness as a practice that can help you learn to let go of expectations for the future and regrets about the past, and focus on accepting the present moment to bring more contentment and joy into your life.


Our goal is to make yoga and mindful meditation feel accessible to you, regardless of what you think about your bodily flexibility or how easily distracted you get. I want to help you make mindfulness integral to the way you live your life. These sessions can either serve as an intervention in their own right, or as a supplement to your psychotherapy treatment.

What ​actually happens in yoga therapy?


Our work together can take different shapes, depending on your goals. For many of our clients, our work looks like traditional talk therapy. On the surface, there is not anything "yoga-like" to it. With these individuals, couples, and groups the integration of yoga and psychotherapy happens on a conceptual level, and informs the outlook of our psychotherapy. Mindfulness exercises are integrated in the work, but can be done seated and not on a yoga mat.




 Weekly public classes and workshops with Dr. Ayelet Krieger are offered at yoga studios in Berkeley and Oakland. Please check the calendar below for my most updated class schedule.


Studios in the East Bay where Dr. Krieger teaches:

Namaste Yoga +Wellness

Flow, Mondays 12-1pm, and periodic classes.

See the calendar below for the most updated schedule. 

For studio information and to register online here​


Green Yogi

Periodic classes only.

See the calendar below for most updated schedule.

For studio information and to register online here