Many workplaces are learning that their staff’s performance is enhanced when members feel less stressed and more connected to their sense of purpose and to each other.

Help your staff avoid burnout by teaching them sustainable self-care practices that can, in turn, help your organization thrive.

We are eager to share my knowledge of and experience with stress relief and mindfulness to your workplace. We work with an array of organizations and companies to help employees unwind, focus on their best products, and collaborate with one another. We facilitate staff retreats where we can both provide an in-the-moment relaxation practice that all the staff can share together, and help the team envision a more productive and mindful work atmosphere. We also work with businesses in an ongoing consultation relationship to provide weekly or monthly workshops or classes.


In addition, we speak at conferences, retreats, and private events on issues related to stress reduction, strengthening communication, and work-life balance. We will work with you to find the best approach and topic to fit your needs and audience.