Hi, I'm Dr. Ayelet​ Krieger

Founder of Oasis, licensed clinical psychologist, and certified yoga teacher who is dedicated to helping you cultivate mindfulness for stress relief. 

I want to help you bring mindfulness into your life, work, and relationships to reduce stress and maximize joy.

What does it feel like to be in therapy with me?

I am proactive, conversational, and like to roll up my sleeves and get into the deep work with you. I am intentional when considering which interventions will be most useful, and like to be transparent about why I am doing what I am doing in the therapy. In my attempts to de-mystify the process of treatment, I hope to empower you to know what is going on at all times, and feel like you are in control of your own work.

In the spirit of keeping you in the driver’s seat in your process of self-discovery, every few sessions, I will check in with you to be sure that we are on the same page, you are feeling like you are making progress, and to see if there are any alterations that need to be made to the course of treatment.

My goal is to help you create lasting change that is not dependent on anyone other than yourself. And the only way to build the confidence that comes with creating something you are proud of is by starting that process as soon as the therapy begins.

Clinical Training and Practice

I received my doctorate in clinical psychology from the George Washington University and my bachelor’s degree from Columbia University. I have worked with hundreds of individuals and couples in a wide variety of counseling and community mental health settings, including Catholic University of America, George Mason University, and George Washington University.


I have also conducted clinical research at NY State Psychiatric Institute and Georgetown University, as well as psychological assessments at the DC Superior Court and DC public schools. I currently serve as a clinical supervisor and adjunct faculty at the Wright Institute of Berkeley, CA.

I have experience working with a broad spectrum of diverse clients with respect to gender, race/ethnicity, religion/spirituality, sexual orientation, and ability.

I am a Clinical Psychologist licensed by the CA Board of Psychology, PSY 28219.

Yoga/Mindfulness Training and Practice

I am passionate about mindful living and work to create bridges between mind and body therapies.


I teach yoga in a variety of settings, including yoga studios, one-on-one sessions, and at several professional institutions. In addition to my teaching role, I work as a mindfulness consultant to offices and organizations. I received my 200-hour foundational certification through YogaWorks and 300-hour advanced certification in Prana Vinyasa with my root teacher, Shiva Rea, under whom I continue to study and apprentice.


I am also an Integrative Restoration Institute certified teacher of Yoga Nidra, a form of guided meditation that offers skills that calm the central nervous system and release negative emotions and thought patterns. Additionally, I am a certified Prenatal Yoga teacher through Tranquil Space Yoga Studio of Washington DC.


As yoga is a tradition predicated on oral transmission through the generations, I would like to acknowledge those teachers who have had the greatest impact on me, and the way I practice, teach, and live: Shiva Rea, Richard Miller, Jessica Lazar, Shawn Parell, Greg Marzullo, Chrissy Carter, and Anna Thiel.


Mindful living is the perfect antidote to a busy, stressful life.

There are many life circumstances that lead to stress and feelings of disconnection from yourself and others. Whatever the root of your stress, we will work together to develop a personalized treatment plan to bring greater joy and contentment into your life. I use scientifically-proven tools-- from psychotherapy and yoga-- to help you become your best self.


As both a licensed clinical psychologist and certified yoga and mindfulness meditation teacher, I have observed remarkable similarities between the disciplines. While psychotherapy and yoga offer different access points into the healing journey--the former through the mind and the latter through the body--they share universal wisdom about the process of self-discovery. 


Originally, I practiced and taught these two disciplines apart from one another, but over time, came to realize that there is potency in their integration. As a yoga teacher, I often hear students say that while the lessons learned in a yoga class resonate with them, they struggle to translate these teachings into their lives. And on the other hand, in traditional talk therapy, often body awareness can surface unique insights.


My goal is to help you bring the lessons of yoga out into your life, work, and relationships—and bring a holistic healing approach back into talk therapy.

 I want to help you grow into the best version of yourself by engaging all the parts of yourself—body and mind. I believe that the most effective treatment is one in which no aspect of yourself is circumvented.


I am deeply committed to the tools and methods I teach, not only because they have been heavily researched and are empirically supported, but because they derive from two lineages that were developed across the world from another, and yet, teach the very same concepts of how to live a more connected and meaningful life.