coaching with Dr. Ayelet Krieger

Whether you are a therapist ready to leave agency work and build your own private practice, a newly graduated clinician that wants to do it right the first time around, or have been out on your own for years and want to expand into a group practice--I want to help you build your dream practice.

I meet my consulting clients where they are.

Quite literally, I work with clients across the globe through video-conferencing.

But figuratively, as well, we will focus on the areas that you want to shore up to feel confident and successful in your business.

Our work together can be very concrete while we tackle your business' biggest challenges (i.e. marketing, operations, finances) or more identity-focused while we help you develop a values-driven business that feels congruent with the work you want to do in the world.

The principle that underpins my consulting work:

To be an excellent therapist, you need to be healthy and feel valued.
When you are a slave to your business you will burn out. And then how will you do the important therapy work you do in the world?

My goal is to help you design a successful business that will enable you to earn a livelihood so you can pay for health insurance, school for your kids, and a few sick days and vacation days a year.

What it is like to be in a coaching session with me?

Be prepared: we are going to move fast, cover lots of ground, and each one of these sessions will be chock full of value.

I am going to provide the resources that got my business where it is. I am going to take you through my process (minus all the wrong turns, failed investments, and wasted time and money). You will save you lots of money, time, and energy, and leave our coaching sessions not just with ideas, but with an actual plan to get your business moving in the right direction.

Each coaching session ends with a homework assignment. That’s right. I want you to actually implement the strategies and resources I am offering so that you can start seeing change immediately in your business. This way, your coaching is working for you not just during our session but in the time between sessions, as well.

Ready to get started?


Initial Coaching Evaluation- 75 minutes:   $285

Individual Coaching Session- 60 minutes: $250

PAPERWORK: (All paperwork is attorney-approved)

1. Complete client paperwork packet: $350

  • Release of Information

  • Couples questionnaire

  • Individual questionnaire

  • Minor questionnaire

  • Teletherapy consent form

  • Credit card form

2. 1099 Contract: $250

3. Sublease Contract: $200