Whether you've been dating a while, are in a long-term open or closed relationship, are married or have kids together, you can benefit from individual or couples counseling.

Carve out time for connection amidst the stress and anxiety of wedding planning. If this process seems better with a therapist mediating it, you’re in luck! We offer premarital counseling at Oasis in our San Francisco and Berkeley office as well as online for secure te...

Studies have shown that adults with ADHD statistically have more marriages, and their spouses report lower levels of satisfaction with the marriage than do people who don’t have spouses with ADHD. How you feel in the relationship might be the strongest indicator!

Although generally divorce or a separation occurs due to a couples’ differences, therapy can actually help couples find common ground. No, this is not about mediation or negotiating who gets what from the kitchen cabinets. Therapy helps couples remain focused on the co...

Like all good health care, preventive care is the best care. Couples therapy is not only appropriate when you are about to throw in the towel. Let's catch toxic patterns early. Let's explore positive methods of communication and connection when things are good,...

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