Conceiving, being pregnant, and bringing a baby home are each unique developmental stages that often get clumped together when we think of having a baby. But in reality, each stage requires different skills and tasks from a parent, or both parents. We want to help you...

I am proactive, empathic, conversational, and practical. I work with successful professionals and new parents struggling with anxiety and depression, in both individual therapy and couples therapy.

Oasis is very excited to announce our expansion! We have added a San Francisco location, and have moved our East Bay location from Oakland to the Elmwood neighborhood of Berkeley (just a mile and a half away). We continue to offer online therapy for anxiety and depr...

Are you feeling sad, alone, unmotivated, disconnected from your life? Whether you have experienced a loss, or don't understand why you are feeling this way, our San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley based therapists and psychiatrist are here to help you with therapy...

You can expect a weekly email that will help you tackle some of the biggest challenges that we see in our clients with ADHD, time and time again: procrastination, focus, present-mindedness, and the impact your ADHD has on your relationships.

We are excited to share news of a brand-new app called "Better." Better ensures a smooth process of getting you reimbursed for your out-of-network health insurance benefits.

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