Whether you've been dating a while, are in a long-term open or closed relationship, are married or have kids together, you can benefit from individual or couples counseling.

Carve out time for connection amidst the stress and anxiety of wedding planning. If this process seems better with a therapist mediating it, you’re in luck! We offer premarital counseling at Oasis in our San Francisco and Berkeley office as well as online for secure te...

For example, to feel connected and loved by a perfectionist, always-dieting mother, you might have “taken on” being a perfectionist yourself, and very body conscious. Or, to feel approved by a domineering teacher, you may have “taken on” become a soft-spoken adult who...

While so many people look forward to the holiday season— as a time of snowy vacations and decadent meals, family get-togethers and thoughtful presents—the holiday season is equally (and even more so!) a time for many people to feel an upsurge of stress and anxiety.

Thanksgiving is the holiday of turkey, stuffing, and lots of family. But it is also the holiday of giving thanks. And how appropriate that is--because a holiday that has the risk of bringing on a fair amount of stress (crowded airports, jammed traffic, and difficulties...

For some of you, a trip home for Thanksgiving with the family is a welcome reprieve from the events of the past week. For others, there is dread in anticipating the political differences that will inevitably come up over dinner. Here are some tips for keeping visits ho...

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